Emergency Vehicle Stuck in Traffic

This is a series of photos that I took when I was waiting for a bus. It was 2 in the morning and usually you would think there would be no traffic. But this goes to show that London lacks a few things: an emergency vehicle stop light trigger and traffic control efficiency infrastructure.

The first thing is obvious. These poor emergency vehicles probably were trying to save someones life but because of all of these cars stuck waiting at the light, there was no room for the other cars to go so the emergency vehicles had to wait 7 minutes. That is how serious that this minor traffic thing took.

The stop light honestly would only turn green for about 20 seconds, enough for about 7-8 cars to go. I guess that is because the street that they are crossing is a busy street. But at 2am, it was empty and no cars were there. So cars would have to wait to even cross the road. How redundant. So if there actually was a person in the emergency vehicles or trying to get to the victims, they probably had a less chance to live.

Eventually, they shut off the lights because it wouldn’t make them move any faster. They were eventually were able to move along and pushing cars out the way.

But the other problem that the stop lights have are lack of automatic adjustment to stop light so more time can be given to certain streets and more car sensors in the road.




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